Past History:

The Delaware Valley Volunteer Fire Company was established on September 5, 1935. On March 21, 1938, a charter was granted, those members are as follows:

President: John Schaefer 

Vice President: C. Arthur Ridge

Secretary: George W. Casey

Treasurer: Frank Sispera 

Finance Secretary: Warren Marsh 

Chief: Fred Mann

Regular Members: Clarence Purcell, Clair Sigafoos, Charles Miller, Howell Burgstresser, Austin Haney, John Coffy, Frank Schaefer, Rudolf Fitz, Luke Gilmore, Frank Exley, William Heher, John Oberacker, Calvin Lutz, Joseph Senger, Lenard Schiable Jr., Earl Eisenhart Jr., Otto Bohlman, Frank M. Swope, Frank Schubert, Melvin McIntyer Jr., Peter Schaefer.

Building Committee:  C. Arthur Ridge, Roy Cochran, John D. Rielly, Frank Sispera, Frank M. Swope, Clair Sigafoos


Since then, our company has come a long way. We have a much larger building than the original, significantly more equipment, and receive and respond to 2 – 3 times the amount of calls.  Our calls range from dwelling fires to auto accidents to marine rescue as well as providing mutual aid to our neighboring fire departments. Our main station is located at 75 Headquarters Road in Erwinna and our sub-station (Station 96) is at the Tinicum Township Public Works building at 237 Hollowhorn Road.

Our main station houses a Rescue, Tanker, Field Truck, Utility Truck and two Marine units.Station 96 houses and Engine and a Field truck. We are very proud and grateful for the great relationship we have with Tinicum Township to provide the best possible service to our residents. The township and the supervisors play a key roll in the Fire and EMS protection to the Tinicum residents by having the Public Works Department employees run Fire and EMS calls during working hours. All of the Public Works employees are very experienced firefighters who all have been in the fire service for at least 20 years , and all have been or are currently Chief officers! 

We also hold  fundraisers throughout the year to help offset our operating cost. Our annual Fall Car Show is held at the end of September every year. We often can be found on River Road holding a Coin Toss as a fundraiser, and have held events in the past such as Craft Fairs, Movie Showings, and more!

We are always in need of new members! If you or someone you know is interested in joining should send us an e-mail or stop by the station on a Tuesday evening. Someone will be happy to show you around and introduce you to our members. There are many different ways you can help, EMS, Firefighter, Fire Police, Administrative, etc. All training and equipment is provided by the department at no cost to you.