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Engine 96 catches first job, supplying Ladder 79 on the 20 box

The new Engine 96 is complete and in service. A big thank you to the committee members for over 2 years of dedication to the design and spec, Rick Armitage, Roger Margot, Matt Overbeck, Calvin Trovinger, Rob Kallenbach, Eric Tarby, Doug Skelton. And a huge thanks to Bob Miller from Compressed Air Systems, our KME dealer and member for all the hard work he put into making sure this build went flawless, Bob was also the dealer that sold and built the original engine 96, 22 plus years ago!

Have an old car you just want gone?

We would love to have it for training!  A tax deductible document will be provided for your donation. Please contact chief@delawarevalleyfire.com for more information, or leave a message at the Station, (610) 294-9385.

Members Needed!

Anyone interested please send us an e-mail on our contacts page or stop by the Station any Tuesday evening.